Last year, at the World Domination Summit (WDS2012), I made a bet with Chris Guillebeau for $100, that I would finish my book within a year.

And I did.

At this year’s WDS2013, I got onstage in front of 3000 magnificent human beings, and told them my story. I then claimed my winnings, and it was amazing.

But… now what?

A New Bet

Some of you might not be aware of this, but GutsyGeek was actually inspired by my wonderful friend Emilie from Puttylike. In February 2011, after following her blog for months, I hired her to coach me into creating my own blog based business.

Using her experience, and skill at fitting many ideas under one umbrella, Emilie helped me create a brand at the intersection of geeks and getting girls. 3 months later, GutsyGeek was born.

Since then, Emilie has continued to inspire me to do bigger and better things with my blog, but I’ve always wanted to give something back, and inspire her as well. So when she asked me what I was going to do with my $100, a sudden thought occurred to me.

“I think I’ll pay it forward, and make a bet with someone else, that they’ll finish their book by WDS2014,” I replied. “Would you be interested?”

“Maybe,” she responded. “I’ll think about it.”

On Saturday, as we sat watching one of the keynote speakers, she handed me a note.


Even More Surprises

I was so happy Emilie took the bet. Finally, after all these years of following her example, I was able to inspire her, and do something for her. She’s going to kick so much ass, and write a rocking book. I can feel it.

But wait, there’s more!

Later on that day, during a small afternoon workshop, we spoke a bit about the bet. A random WDSer overheard us, came over and asked me if I was taking more bets.

“Um… sure?” I said.

“Alright then. I bet you I’ll write my book for WDS2014. If I don’t, I’ll give you $1000. If I do, you’ll owe me a beer,” he said, grinning.


I stood up, shook his hand, and made the bet official. As I sat down, Emilie suggested this would be the perfect place to recruit more writers. So I stood up in front of the room, and told them I was paying it forward. If anyone wanted to bet that they would write their book by next year, I would take their bets, and hold them accountable.

I thought I’d get 1 or 2 people interested. Boy was I wrong.

By the end of the day, I had 20 people write their names down on my “bet list”. It was incredible.


So it looks like by WDS2014, if everyone follows through, there will be 20 more finished books in this world. I’ve never been more proud of my fellow human beings, at taking on such an incredible challenge.

Seriously. It’s going to be a wild ride. I really hope they all win the bets they’ve placed with me. I may end up owing a lot of people some money, but man will it be worth it.

Note: If you made a bet with me, and are reading this, please respond to the email I sent you ASAP. If you’re supposed to receive the email, and you haven’t, get in touch via Twitter or Email, and we’ll talk.


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  1. Love all of the excitement coming out of WDS2013! Can’t wait to hear about the next 20 books coming out of this bet! See you next year!

  2. You should make the bets public (with their permission) on here. Would make them feel much more accountable.

  3. Awesome!
    I’m so happy for you at your accomplishment and for paying it forward. And, as a Puttytriber, I look forward to Emilie’s book.

  4. Rami! You scoundrel. Announcing my bet publicly before I even got to do it… Ha, well, expect my post announcement this Monday. I’ve already put together an accountability/support group in the Puttytribe and I’ve done my 15 minutes every single morning for the last 7 days! Woo! Thank you.

    • Hahaha, if it’s on my blog, you can’t escape! And I’m glad you’ve been writing every day, that’s a amazing. You’re off to a rocking start!

  5. Yay Rami!!! I’m so excited about your completed book.

    You earned it. You did the work. And I hope you soaked up the feeling of sharing your success at WDS! I think it’s extra special to be able to publicly own your completion.

    I can’t wait to see the next 20 books that come out of this! I love how you are paying your energy forward this way.

    And, remember, it wasn’t the bet that got you to finish the book. You stepped up to getting support and accountability, and that’s what had you follow through.

    I can’t wait to see your book out in the world! It’s going to make such a positive difference for so many people.

  6. This should be an interesting year 🙂 I would love to see your book and Emilie’s! Now you make me wanna take a bet. Good luck!

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