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“Door, quick!” Anita yelled as she ran towards the basement carrying her brother.

Deedee hopped in front and pushed open the door, then barged down the basement stairs as Anita followed. Deedee ran towards the large silver cage in the corner. It was taller than she was, about six feet high by six feet wide, with a large door on one side. She fumbled with the lock as her sister clambered down the stairs.

Anita reached the bottom and staggered. Her brother was getting too heavy to carry. She took three faltering steps then fell to the ground, Tommy landing heavily beside her.

“Deedee, help!” 

Her brother began to swell up in size. His clothes tore in several places, revealing a growing mane of thick fur beneath. He was no longer writhing, and lay very still on the floor.

The transformation was almost complete, and he was waking up.

Anita grabbed one of his legs and started slowly dragging him towards the cage. She wasn’t going to make it. She looked around frantically for a solution, but couldn’t find one. This was going to end badly.

“Use this!” Deedee slid across the room, riding a dolly like a skateboard. She hopped off just as the dolly bumped into her brother’s legs. 

The two girls quickly lifted his legs until his butt was on the dolly, then pulled as hard as they could. They rolled across the room until they reached the cage, and dragged him over the threshold. 

Anita dashed for the door and exited. Deedee did the same, but just as she was about to cross, a large clawed hand grabbed her foot. 

She fell heavily, and cried out in pain, then turned to see that Tommy was awake. 

Although It wasn’t really Tommy anymore.

It was a five-foot tall beast. Covered in hair, muscles rippling, giving off a menacing energy. Its head was fully wolfen, with large pointy ears, a long snout, and a line of jagged teeth that jutted from its wicked maw.

The most terrifying thing about it were the eyes. Golden, dangerous, and fixated on Deedee. It looked like it was sizing her up for dinner. 

It snapped its jaw shut, and tore through the belt in one bite, then used its right hand to rip the leather off. The left hand, of course, was still wrapped around Deedee’s ankle. 

Slowly, ponderously, it began to pull her deeper into the cage.

“Nita, help me…” Deedee whimpered in a low voice, too afraid to yell.

Anita took five steps back, terrified of the beast in front of her. 

Then she steeled herself: it wasn’t a beast, it was her little brother Tommy. And she wasn’t going to let anything happen to him or her sister, not while she was in charge. She took a slow, deep breath, gathering her up courage.

Then she dashed forwards into the cage. She leapt over her sister and shoulder-charged her brother, slamming him backwards into the silver bars.

Tommy roared out in pain, and released Deedee’s leg. Burns appeared on his fur where he made contact with the bars, and he whined piteously as he rubbed at the marks.

Anita dragged Deedee out of the cage, and slammed the door shut, the lock clicking in place as it closed.

The two girls fell to the floor, and caught their breath.

Anita sat up and examined her sister’s ankle. A few scratches, but no bite marks. She breathed a sigh of relief, then helped her sister up.

“Thanks,” said Deedee. “I knew you weren’t a ditcher.”

“Never,” Anita chuckled. “I’d never ditch you. Us girls have to stick together.”

Deedee brushed off her skirt, then beamed at her. 

“Did you see how I rode the wooden skateboard thingie? I was a pro, like Tony Hawk.”

“You really were.” Anita ruffled her hair, puzzled. “How do you know who Tony Hawk is?”

“Videogames, duh.”

They looked at each other for a moment, then burst out laughing. They were interrupted moments later by Tommy’s low growl. He was pacing around the cage, careful not to touch the bars. He crouched and scraped at the ground, to no avail. You can’t dig through concrete with claws.

“What’s going to happen to Tommy?” asked Deedee. 

“Good question.” She gathered her thoughts and rubbed her chin thoughtfully for a moment. “Dad said when people get bit, they get the curse, but it’s not permanent right away. There’s still time to change them back if they’re treated before the end of the first full moon.”

“Do we call 911?”

“No, they don’t come for transformed or undead. They only come for humans. And I don’t want to call the Hunters or dad’ll kill me. We gotta figure this out on our own, and no one can know.”

And then the doorbell rang.


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