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I suck at the bar scene, it's not entirely my favorite thing to do, too loud, noisy and expensive. I enrolled in the Tinder Playbook, updated my profile pics, and got 4 matches and 1 date while swiping and chatting at work!

Robin B.

Do These Tinder Problems sound familiar?

"I've had women interact with me for a little while and then they just stop talking to me. Also conversations depend mostly on me keeping it going and not getting much effort from the other person to communicate."

James A. 

"I have been on dating apps for a few years now and never get messages, just blocked. We match and then they don't reply and then nothing. Truthfully I really don't know what my problem is."

Duy D. 

"They seem to lose interest after 3-4 replies when they sounded genuinely interested some of them then don’t text back again, and some are even worse where I only get cold replies despite matching on Tinder."

Mike S. 

What if you had 3 dates a week instead?

What if you had 
3 dates a week 

Because that's what happened to all the guys above.

James, Paul, and Duy all sucked at Online Dating...

They couldn't use a Dating App to save their life...

Tinder, Bumbl, or Happn, it didn't matter.

They all had one thing in common: they had the same dating problem as you.

They would ask me questions like:

How do I take a picture that makes her want to swipe right?

How do I write a bio that convinces her to talk to me?

Which one is the best opening line? (you got my free eBook, you already know this!)

What do I say next?

What do I do if she stops talking to me?

How do I ask her out?

After purchasing the Tinder Playbook,
here's what they had to say:

Want the same results? Purchase the Tinder Playbook Today!

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What You Get in The Tinder Playbook

... and how it's going to get you more dates this weekend!


Know Exactly What to Say to Get a Date!

Using the 9-step conversation flowchart

The Tinder Playbook comes with a 9-Step Conversation Flowchart that tells you exactly what say in every situation.

You'll structure the conversation so you're in control, and she tries to impress you instead of the other way around.

Then when you're ready, you ask her out using my foolproof "get the date" method.


Ten Profiles Proven to Attract Women

Written for you by a dating professional

Choose from 10 pre-written profiles that are guaranteed to attract beautiful women, all tested by an online dating pro.

Copy/paste a profile, fill in the blanks, and start getting more matches immediately.


Take A Profile Picture Women Love

And choose the best one every single time

Clear instructions on how to take the Perfect Profile Picture with a regular phone. No expensive cameras or photo shoots required.

I've also included a simple method to choose the one picture of you women find the most attractive every single time.

But that's not all dude, I've also added 3 SPECIAL BONUSES just for you:

Bonus #1: Exclusive Video From The Vault

Learn how to get a date in less than 72 hours, from an exclusive webinar recording I did for Coaching For Geeks.

Bonus #2: Fashion Guide Written By A Professional 

Learn how to dress like a boss from a professional fashion consultant, so you look incredible in all your pics.

Bonus #3: I Will Personally Rate Your Pics

Send me your best pictures and I'll personally tell you which ones to use in your profile.

Try it risk-free for 60 Days

If this course doesn't help you get dates from Tinder, I'll refund you 100% of the money you paid within 60 days of purchasing, no questions asked.

In fact, I will hold your hand every step of the way until you get a date from Tinder, or I will give you your money back and STILL help you get a date.

Here's a quick recap of what's in the Tinder Playbook

  • Perfect Picture Guide
  • Play-by-Play of What to Say
  • 10 Pre-written Profiles​
  • 9-Step Conversation Flowchart
  • 5 Scripts of Real Conversations
  • ​Bonus #1: Exclusive Video
  • Bonus #2: Fashion Guide
  • Bonus #3: Pro Pic Selection
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Email Support

Get a Weekend Full of Dates 

Only $47

Secure Payment

Questions about the Tinder Playbook? 

Contact me and I'll be happy to help you out.

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