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I used the Tinder Toolbox for two weeks, and got two dates! I also used it on Bumbl, and after changing my pics, I got a new match. Fingers crossed we hit it off :-)

Tom J. Lee

What You Get in The Tinder Toolbox

... and how it's going to get you more dates!


Know Exactly What to Say to Get a Date!

Using the 9-step conversation flowchart

The Toolbox comes with a 9-Step Conversation Flowchart that tells you exactly what say in every situation.

Stop worrying about not knowing what to do next, what to write next, or if you’re using the right words in the right places… it’s all done for you, just copy/paste it!


Ten Profiles Proven to Attract Women

Written for you by a dating professional

Choose from 10 effective profiles that are guaranteed to attract beautiful women, all pre-written by an online dating pro.

Cut your dating time in half by simply copying and pasting one of these profiles into your online bio, and start getting more matches immediately.


Take A Profile Picture Women Love

And choose the best one every single time

Clear instructions on how to take the Perfect Profile Picture with a regular phone. No expensive cameras or photo shoots required.

If you have multiple pictures, I've also included a foolproof method to choose the one women find the most attractive every single time.

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Get Your Copy!

Normally $47 - Today Only $27

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