When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I felt as a child, I thought as a child. Now that I have become a man, I have put away childish things.

1 Corinthians 13:11

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? Take a second to think about it. To think about all the things you used to experience on a daily basis. To recall a time when everything was a big deal. Do you remember?

I certainly do. I remember running around my house with a sheet wrapped around my arms, being a Silverhawk. I remember carrying an umbrella and almost jumping off the roof, in imitation of the Carebears. I remember action figures, and my NES, and how excited I was everytime my parents took me out for junk food. Most of all though? I remember the dreams I had for myself.

Speak Like a Child

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

As a young kid, that was the big question. I wanted to be a ninja, a firefighter, a hacker, a kung fu master, a cyborg, a rock star, a pro skater, an actor, and a farmer. As I got older, I began to whittle my list down. Getting cooked in a burning building? No. All day in front of a computer reading code? Meh. Get some robotic implants? Welllll, I’m still on the fence with that one. Maybe in a couple of years.

But seriously, little by little, my list shrank. It became more realistic, more materialistic, more adult-like. Soon, I was thinking about “things that are easy to accomplish”, rather than “things I actually want to do”. Eventually, I gave up on pretty much all my dreams, and entered the saddest period of my life.

Put Away Childish Things

I was finally an adult. I was working towards a career, had a stable job in marketing, and was trying to make it in the “real world”. I was making decent cash, and if I excelled at what I did, I’d be making excellent cash within a year or two. There was just one problem: I hated my job.

I remember waking up and going to work every day was hell. It was like a daily punishment for me, and I often wanted to just run away. But I didn’t. I figured I was just being lazy. Everyone else lived like this, I should be able to handle it too.

Then one day, I woke up and realized that if I continued down this road, I would slowly but surely waste away. So I did the only thing a man in my position could do: I quit.

It was strange, not having to go to work anymore, especially after getting into the rhythm of the 9 to 5. But I was content, and no longer hated my life. Although my days were no longer filled with negativity and dread, they weren’t filled with joy and excitement either. It was sort of a neutral existence, a purgatory. It was the space between dreams.

I’m Not a Man, I’m a Geek

So I had grown up. I had gotten an education, and did the adult stable job thing for money. It didn’t work out. What was next? I sure as hell didn’t know. I did the only thing I knew how to do when I was lost: I played a lot of videogames.

Specifically, I played a lot of Tekken 6:BR, a crazy-ass 3D fighting game. I had been playing competitive Tekken for years, and although I was consistently in the top 5 Canadian players, I never seemed to get to number 1. Well, in September 2010, things changed. By playing the game consistently, competing with my friends, and really enjoying the time I was spending on it, I finally took first place at the annual Canadian tournament in Toronto.

“Holy Crap!”, I thought. “I just accomplished one of my dreams.”

And it wasn’t hard at all.

With this realization, I slowly began to dream again. To make sure I never lost site of them, I made a huge bucket list. I began to feel more alive, and life started being good again.

Geek Like A Child

Ironically, I now work full-time again (hey, I need money!). This time though, the job is interesting. I don’t know how long I’m going to do it for, but I do know that I enjoy it. Also, I will never let my dreams fall by the wayside again. I still want to become a successful screenwriter. I also still dream of hundreds of thousands of people reading this blog every week, and of becoming a great pickup artist.

All of these dreams are legit. So, friends, the lesson for today is the following: make sure you hold on to some of your dreams. Otherwise, you’ve got nothing to live for.

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I felt as a child, I thought as a child. Now that I have become a man, I have put away childish things.

But I still dream like a child.

What about you guys? Any unfulfilled dreams you’ve got in the works? Dreams you’re living? Share them with us! You just might inspire someone to go for what they want.

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  1. Nice Rami!! This is super inspiring, I love it. And I have no doubt that you will indeed reach your goals. You have a really strong mindset and vision. You know who you are and what you want (while still open to new adventures), and you’re a genuinely kind person who wants to enrich other people’s lives.

    I’m so glad you’ve got big dreams and that you now have an outlet for sharing those dreams with the rest of us!

  2. Thanks Em! I’m sharing as much as I can. The thing is, it’s so easy to forget how important our dreams are, especially as we grow up. Mix in some of the fear monster I spoke of last week, and most people just give up.

    But I say NO! Remember the dreams, and keep pushing at what it is you want to do until you achieve it. Btw, I’m super excited about your upcoming move!

  3. Hey I’ll keep reading if you keep writing. You’re good at it. Love the theme as well.

    • Dude! You have no idea how much that means to me. Keep in mind that when you followed your dream by coming to Montreal, you were a catalyst for me to begin following mine! Keep on being awesome friend, and let me know the next time you come back around these parts.

  4. Totally loving this blog- Rami, I think you’ve found a new niche!
    I can totally relate to this post. Being an adult doesn’t have to be a cookiecutter experience… Make it yours!

    • haha, a new niche? I hope so! I’m very excited about the geekery that this blog brings out in people. I totally agree with you btw: if everyone fit the cookiecutter mold of life, nothing exciting would ever happen. I’d be working at a bank and bored, and you wouldn’t have gone back to school. Think of all the things we would’ve missed!

  5. Up to now I still want to be a ninja, a hacker, a kung fu master, a rock star, and an actress. But I’m so curious. Why do you want to become a great pickup artist?

    This blog’s going to be one of my hangouts here in the net. I love the way you write.

    • You can be all of those things and more! I got close to being a kung fu master before I hurt my knees, it’s really not that hard 😀

      As for your question, I had a difficult time with women for a long period of my life. I was too nice, too insecure, too afraid to approach, meet, and attract cute girls. Last year I decided to fix this part of my life, and started learning about pickup in the hopes of doing so.

      It’s an ongoing process, but I can tell you my success rate has skyrocketed since I began. The main idea is this: build a skillset to meet a woman you want to settle down with, but not settle for.

      Does that make sense?

  6. I always think of that quote from Paul. Great article, I feel like I’m in a very similar position. I’ve been reading your blog and I like it!

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