I was at the World Domination Summit this weekend. It was, without a doubt, the best conference I have ever attended. Every person was inspiring, every speaker was enlightening, and every moment was amazing.

At the end of the conference, Chris Guillebeau, the founder and organizer of the event, told us that WDS was giving each attendee $100 to take action on whatever idea they had going on.

Well, I thought about it, and here’s what I’m doing with the cash: NOTHING.

For now.

The Monies

The Letter To Chris Guillebeau

Dear Chris,

Last night at WDS, I got screwed. I’d been living in a nice little bubble of complacency, relaxing and enjoying the fruits of absolutely nothing, when you gave me $100 to get off my ass.

After spending the afternoon learning everything I needed to know about writing my book from Cynthia Morris, then everything I wanted to know about publishing from David Fugate, I ran out of reasons to put the book aside.

More importantly, when you trusted me with $100 in cash to kickstart a goal, well, I couldn’t let you down. But I’m a competitive guy, and “here’s $100, go live a dream” doesn’t work for me as well as putting my pride on the line.

Instead, I’ve opted to turn the money into a bet, with 10-to-1 odds in your favor.

Here’s the deal: I bet you $100 that by July 5th 2013, my book will be ready for publishing.

I may not have an agent or a publishing deal, but I will have a fully finished manuscript. And I’ll email you a copy.

I’ve kept the money in its original sealed envelope, unopened and fresh (and I’m taking your word for it that the cash is in there, so don’t scam me). The terms of the deal are as follows:

If, on July 5th 2013, I deliver the manuscript and win the bet, I will open the envelope, and claim my $100.

If, on July 5th 2013, I fail to deliver, then I will give you back the envelope, and add $900, for a total of $1000. You’ll finally be able to get yourself a pimp suit to match those awesome shoes you were wearing on Sunday.

The Sealed Envelope

The clock is ticking, Chris Guillebeau. Prepare to lose!

Rami The Gutsy Geek

P.S. Know any good walk-in tattoo parlors in Portland? I’ve still got two days before I travel.

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  1. Yeaaaa!!

    And screw tattoos. You are about to be introduced to the East side, my friend. The REAL Portland.

  2. Awesome idea, Rami. Leveraging this into a bet should provide extra motivation to you. Best of luck!

    See you at #WDS2013!

    • Thanks Jeff, the goal was to make it even, in that no one gets any reward until the bet’s over 😀

  3. That is awesome! WDS really is quite the motivator isn’t it? A year from now, all the people we met are going to expect big things – we’ve got 365 days to write a book, start a business, contribute to charity, and simply change the world. I have a feeling the pressure of that accountability is going to serve us all well. See you next year!

  4. Get it, Rami!

    Will you be at WDS 2013? If so, I’d love to see and hold a copy of your manuscript. Just sayin’.

    I know you’ve got the moves beyond the dance floor to make this happen. I’m happy to be a part of it.

    Write on, brother!

  5. Wow you guys, just wow. I leave my blog unattended for four days and everyone decides to comment! Thank you all so much for your support, it means a lot. I promise to keep up the articles and work hard on my book, as long as you all check back every now and then to say hi 😀

  6. Hi Rami!

    I read about your story in Chris’s latest email, and I wanted to stop by to offer my services to your cause. I started my business (editing and writing consulting for new and self-publishing authors) after signing up for Chris’ Empire Building Kit, and I thought this would be a perfect way to give back to the community that Chris helps to build and pay it forward, in a sense.

    I am happy to give you any support you want/need with editing and writing your manuscript for free–I do both editing of complete drafts and work-in-progress consulting, so if you’re interested, let me know what I can do to help. Plus, I’ve found that a lot of my clients love having someone to check in with them to keep them accountable, so with our efforts combined I am sure we can win you that $100 bet! 🙂

    Let me know if you’re interested!!!

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